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At SME solicitors we believe in helping our clients to achieve their best outcomes whether in their business or personal lives.  We believe that giving clients our full support is about more than providing legal advice; it’s about working with you to develop and improve your business and personal life.  

If we are able to put you in touch with another of our clients or one of our contacts who can provide you with a service you need or who needs your services, we will do so.  There is no charge for this and we will always do whatever we can to help you.

As part of that approach we are pleased to offer a range of problem solving services which we believe are unique to any firm of solicitors in the country.  These are services more usually found within accountancy practices but we believe that they fit perfectly with our overall aim of helping wherever possible our business and private clients.  We can help you to identify and tackle your aims – even if at the moment you have not worked out what they are but simply have a general sense that things are not what they should be.

Our Partners Ian Stirzaker and Yvonne Tivey are Mindshop® Business Facilitators and are able to help you to solve any business or personal issues that are troubling – or likely to trouble – you.  This is an approach that we use ourselves in the development of the business and we are delighted to be able to share it with you.  There are plenty of business coaches and gurus in the market but we are able to say that we have successfully used these methods on our own business and have been sufficiently pleased with the results to offer them to our wider client base.

Ian or Yvonne will be pleased to see you for an initial no obligation conversation about whatever issue you need to tackle.  Do you worry about how to deal with the competition, how to achieve the growth you seek, how to become more profitable? Growth and Profit are Mindshop® specialities and Ian or Yvonne can help you to achieve them.  Try our complimentary “GPS” diagnostic by clicking the link and answer the simple questionnaire to see whether you feel we might be able to help.  


Click here for the GPS diagnostic


If that leads you to think that a small amount of experienced assistance might just help to get you to where you’d like to be call either Ian or Yvonne and arrange an appointment.

Contact Ian or Yvonne on 01905 723561 or email or

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