Family Mediation

Ian Stirzaker is the Senior Partner and Head of the Family Law at SME Solicitors in Worcester. He has 30 years’ experience of family law cases. He is a qualified teacher, a solicitor Advocate, specially trained in children law, an accredited business coach / facilitator and was the managing partner at SME for around 10 years before becoming Senior Partner.

He is known for his empathetic and gentle manner in promoting sensible practical solutions to problems and is uniquely experienced to assist in complex financial matters.

Achieving the best outcome for your family

Mediation is probably the quickest and best way to tackle your worries about children, property and money. The mediator helps decide what you need to sort out and how to deal with it. At the end you are provided with summary documents giving you or your solicitor all you need to finalise a court order. 

For more information on family mediation please contact Ian on or telephone 01905 723 561.


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