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Careers Afternoon At St John's Middle With SME Solicitors

Pupils at St John's Middle School received talks from a range of volunteers on Friday 26th May in a bid to help them decide their jobs of the future. Representatives from Worcestershire Fire Service, SME Solicitors, DNA Automotive, The Blue Cross and F8 Creates visited the Watt Close school to speak to pupils about careers before they take the next step up to High School and choose their GCSE options.


Head of Year 8, Rachel Bourne, said: 'This is always a fantastic opportunity for our pupils and it wouldn't be possible without the help of these wonderful people volunteering their time. The majority of our teenagers are still undecided and that's fine. Hopefully they might consider jobs they hadn't before as a result of today'.

Ellen Conry comments “Ian Stirzaker and I had the opportunity to discuss a career in the legal profession with year 8s at St Johns School in Bromsgrove. I shared my experience and discussed the available routes into law as well suggesting steps that they could start taking now to give them an advantage in the future.  I also got them involved in a task regarding the importance of a criminal trial. It involved a case study and feedback as to what they would do in the situation, they all interacted really well and displayed great critical thinking in their responses. The sessions were perfectly finished off by some entertaining anecdotes from Ian’s time in criminal practice. It was very interesting to hear the students ideas about what solicitors do, I hope that I corrected any misconceptions and provided a positive insight into the life of a solicitor.”


Added: 07 Jun 2017 13:18

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