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Claire Bentick makes Liveryman of London


Claire Bentick, Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution solicitor at SME Solicitors has joined her father and brother to add another string to her bow, by being admitted into the prestigious and historic role of becoming a Liveryman of London.


The ancient guilds of the City of London go back over 700 years and were the institutions that regulated the key trades of the City. The Merchant Taylors' Company is one of the original ‘Great Twelve’ such guilds.


Craftsmen undertook a seven year apprenticeship before becoming 'Free' of their guild and the City, enabling them to practice in their own right, much like solicitors and accountants and other professionals do today. As members of the guild gained experience they could apply to join the Livery, (in the same way as 'Members' progress to 'Fellows' in modern institutions).


Throughout their history the guilds and their members have set up almshouses, charitable trusts and founded schools. The majority of guilds no longer control their trades but do maintain their philanthropic and educational pursuits.


Claire Bentick explains her interest: “I became 'Free' by Patrimony because my father was made a Freeman of the Company prior to my being born. I had to apply and be interviewed to be admitted as a Liveryman. I have no specific duties at present but at some stage I may be asked to serve the Company on a Committee on a pro bono basis. I enjoy belonging to an ancient and unique institution and the opportunity, in time, to ‘put something back.’

SME congratulates Claire on her achivement and wishes her every success in the role.


Added: 25 Aug 2016 10:31

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