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Is your work place engaged?

 Well it really should be.

Engagement is very powerful tool for business success. Engaged staff are more productive, happier, less likely to take absence, more likely to cooperate with others, be creative and be positively customer focused. And importantly you are more likely to retain them longer which reduces costs to your business.

Engagement isn’t new or trendy but it does need reinforcing regularly with managers and support should be given to managers to help them engage staff. It should be a key strategic focus for any business.  

Employers have the opportunity to create an environment that is conducive to a happy, healthy workplace that gives employees satisfaction.

If you want to engage your employees, here are 6 tips on what you should do?

  1. Have it as a strategic goal - Engagement needs to be on the agenda – Look for and actively recruit engaged people and keep them engaged. Create engagement within the business. Remedy behaviours that create disengagement.
  2. Make goals relevant for everyone in the business. If you can see that your personal goals align with the business goals, you can see why you are doing your role and the contribution you make to the bigger picture.
  3. Focus on business results and make your employees accountable for achieving them. People thrive on goals and achievement, whether they are little achievements for some or big hairy targets for others.
  4. Invest in good management- it engenders engagement. People leave managers not organisations.
  5. Communication - This should be the top of anyone’s top tips list. Effective communication should exist at and between every level of the business. The more you communicate the better your people will understand you, your vision and your business goals. The more you let your people in on what you are trying to achieve and they can see their goals are aligned with your strategic goals, the more engaged they will become. People want and need purpose and to know what they do makes a difference.
  6. Employees more recently, especially millennials (born early 1980s to around 2000) want future plans, so using reviews, development plans, succession planning helps engage your people by having meaningful discussions with them on what they can achieve. If they can see a future with your organisation, they are less likely to leave.

So why don’t organisations do employee engagement better?

Because if businesses cannot see an immediate visible financial impact on the bottom line, it’s not high on the agenda and takes bravery and commitment. But the opportunities are very much there to be realised and fortune favours the brave!

Caroline Knight

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Added: 03 May 2016 15:43

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