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Lasting Powers of Attorney – Business Owners


  • Did you know that unexpected incapacity may impact significantly on the day to day running of your business?
  • If you cannot work or make decisions who will act in your place?
  • Sometimes lack of capacity is a gradual process that allows time to put alternative plans in place. Sometimes it is not and an accident or sudden illness can leave you unable to run your business. The impact of this on your business could be significant.
  • We can help you appoint Attorneys to act in your business if you are absent from the business for a period of time or for when you are unable to deal with matters as you once could.
  • A separate Lasting Power of Attorney for business purposes can run alongside a Lasting Power of Attorney that deals with your personal affairs.
  • When considering a lasting Power of Attorney for business purposes we advise that your Articles of Association or Partnership Agreement is reviewed in light of the appointment of an Attorney.


At SME we have a specialist team who can advise you on an LPA to help protect your business should you ever need one.  Contact Samantha Lloyd at for further information.

Added: 26 Apr 2016 16:32

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