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The High Court has recently approved an agreement between Miss Wyatt and Mr Vince, in the well-publicized case concerning an application by Miss Wyatt for a share of Mr Vince’s money 18 years after they were divorced.


This case is well known as it hit the press after the principle of whether she should be allowed to make the claim went to the Supreme Court last year. When the parties separated neither had much income and the husband was a new age traveller; at the time of her application Miss Wyatt still living on benefits while Mr Vince was a millionaire worth £57m.


Neither party could remember if there had been any financial decision in their 1992 divorce and because of the delay the Court had no file. The Court therefore assumed that no financial decision had been made.


They only lived together for 2 years but an important factor in this case was that one of the wife’s four adult children was the biological child of Mr Vince.


Last year the Supreme Court considered whether it should strike out her application without properly hearing all of the case and whether she should repay a £125,000 costs allowance ordered by the High Court. The Supreme Court decided that despite the obstacles to success she should be allowed to proceed.


Mr Vince and Miss Wyatt have now settled the case, with Mr Vince agreeing to pay Ms Wyatt £300,000. However in addition he also agreed to contribute a further £200,000 towards her costs. Only Ms Wyatt and her solicitors know how much those ended up being. Mr Vince of course will have had to pay his own solicitors costs.


This case shows the importance of getting a Court Order at the time of the divorce even if all it does is just stop each person making future claims on each other and if you have a Court Order that you should keep a copy of it and know where it is.


Should you wish to discuss obtaining a financial order in respect of your divorce proceedings whether current or historical please contact Joanna Gardner ( or Ian Stirzaker (

Added: 15 Jun 2016 15:04

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