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Whoever heard of this - get the lawyers in and speed things up!?

It's a standard grumble. Getting solicitors involved increases the arguments, inflates the never ending costs and reduces the speed. The concern is that it is in the interests of lawyers to spin a job out because they get paid by the hour and increase their costs every year.


Here's something a bit different. Can you imagine being able to say "I got my lawyer involved and that sped everything up?"


We are so confident that we will get on with your job that once you have instructed us we will not increase the price of the work. That means it is in our interests as well as yours to get on with things and we don't benefit if your case drags on.


Unfortunately in a divorce case there are many factors that can cause delay but you can be confident that SME is on your side in resolving matters swiftly.


For assistance with any family matter, including divorce advice, please contact Ian Stirzaker at



Added: 18 Apr 2016 12:40

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